When Should I Replace My Gas Boiler?

Professional plumber checking a boiler

Replacing a gas boiler is one thing we don’t like to think about until we have to. Most people probably don’t even think about their boiler unless it starts to act up, and then the panic sets in.

What if repairs won’t solve the problem with your gas boiler? What if you need to buy a new boiler? How do you even know when it’s time to replace your old one? You have questions, and we have answers.

From gas boiler repairs to complete gas boiler replacements, Edinburgh Gas & Renewables have seen and handled any problem you can think of. Let’s take a closer look at how you can figure out when it’s time to replace your gas boiler.

Prioritise Safety

The first thing you should keep in mind when considering a new gas boiler is safety. Gas safety not only applies to whether your boiler is functioning safely but also to the removal of your old gas boiler and the installation of a new one.

Older boilers can break down more frequently and could allow dangerous leaks to occur. The best way to make sure that your old gas boiler is safe is to have a certified Gas Safe engineer look at it. They can assess your old one and see if you’re better off replacing your boiler or repairing it.

When Should You Replace Your Gas Boiler?

Sometimes, there are clear warning signs that something’s not right with your boiler. Maybe it will break down, or possibly there will be more subtle signs that show it’s time to replace your boiler.

Frequent Breakdowns

If your boiler is older than 10-15 years, it’s likely to be far less efficient than more modern ones, and it may be increasingly prone to breakdowns. A single breakdown may not indicate that you need a new boiler, but if it happens multiple times, there’s a good chance that you need to install a new one.

Repeated repairs may prolong the life of your old boiler but at a cost. Newer boilers are both more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly, so when you compare the price of a new boiler to repeat repair bills, you may realise that you’re much better off with a new boiler.

Other Problems With Your Boiler

Take a good look at your boiler every once in a while. An efficient boiler should be reasonably quiet with a blue boiler flame. It shouldn’t leak water anywhere, and there should be no foul odour when the boiler is running. 

If your boiler is displaying any of these signs, call a Gas Safe engineer to take a look. Your boiler could be unsafe to use and may need immediate repairs or to be replaced altogether.

Your Energy Bill is Higher Than Usual

If your heating bills are going up and you aren’t sure why your gas boiler may be to blame. As the boiler ages, it becomes less efficient at heating. Eventually, it will require more energy to heat the same amount of water than it did when you first installed it.

This energy creep may be less noticeable than a sudden jump in heating costs, but if you pay attention, you can tell when your boiler is struggling to meet your household’s energy demands. Then you can decide whether repairs or a replacement will be your best option.

Your Gas Boiler is Old

When it comes to energy efficiency, newer is almost always better. If your gas boiler is old (more than 10-15 years), consider replacing it before problems set in. New boilers are better for the planet, less expensive to run, and won’t be likely to break down soon, leaving you out in the cold.

Older boilers also tend to require replacement parts that may be hard to find. If they don’t make your boiler anymore, there’s a chance they don’t make the parts for it, either. If you find yourself searching online for parts that don’t seem to exist, it might be time for a new boiler.

More and more people are switching to more environmentally-friendly options for their home energy needs. New innovations in home heating take advantage of things like solar energy to help reduce your energy costs and benefit the environment. It could be time to consider one of these new technologies when you replace your old gas boiler.

Have A Boiler Issue You Can’t Seem To Pinpoint?

If your boiler isn’t working correctly, or if you are thinking about replacing your old boiler with a more modern and environmentally friendly one, give us a call. Edinburgh Gas & Renewables understands the need for sustainability and innovation in the heating industry.

From air source heat pumps to solar thermal water heating, we have the solutions to help you heat your home without compromising the planet. Contact us today for more information on switching to a more sustainable heating solution that will keep you and your family warm for years to come.

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