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Edinburgh Gas Renewables boiler servicing

Upgrade Your System

Upgrading your old, inefficient boiler can make a big difference on how much you spend on fuel and electricity each month. And by adding other eco-friendly upgrades such as underfloor heating or radiators in rooms where they are needed most and lowering the thermostat at night when no one is home – you can really make a positive impact on our environment while saving money

Edinburgh Gas & Renewables offer a comprehensive range of plumbing and heating services including installation and maintenance of gas boilers in and around Edinburgh.

We offer a friendly service with competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of work you’d expect.

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Radiators And Pipework

Radiators play a huge part in heating the home, but they’re often overlooked. We can help make your radiators more efficient and reduce breakdowns with our products and services.

Heating your home, particularly during the chilly winter months, is a crucial aspect of maintaining a comfortable living environment. One of the most traditional and effective methods of achieving this is through the use of radiators.

Radiators are heat-exchanging devices that warm up the surrounding area by circulating hot water or steam through a system of pipework. This pipework, often made from durable materials like copper or plastic, is connected to a boiler which heats the water before it’s circulated through the radiator system.

The heated water or steam then travels through the pipework into each radiator, releasing heat into each room. The cooled water returns to the boiler for reheating and the cycle continues, ensuring a consistent and even distribution of warmth throughout your home. Radiators are not only functional but can also add an aesthetic element to your home decor, with a variety of styles and finishes available to suit any interior design scheme. Despite their traditional image, modern radiators are highly efficient and can be an economical choice for home heating, particularly when combined with good insulation and energy-saving practices.

Edinburgh Gas and Renewables offer a wide range of radiator options, we work with a Edinburgh-based supplier. A site survey is required to assure correct measurements and correct KW of the radiator.

  1. Heating radiator with thermostat valve by Edinburgh Gas Renewables

    Repairing or moving

    Whether your radiators are leaky, noisy or just don’t work very well, we can help fix them. We can even move them to a new spot if you like.

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    We can replace your old radiators with new ones to improve efficiency and give your home a more modern look and feel.

  3. Modern heated towel rail on tiled bathroom wall.

    Heated towel rails

    Heated towel rails will keep your towels and bathroom warm for those chilly mornings.

...that Old Central Heating System?

Is It Time To Upgrade...

Improving the efficiency of your boiler could help you save up to £200 per year on your heating bills. This is because the more efficient your boiler, the less energy it will use to heat up a room.

So even if you have not upgraded your boiler yet, you could still save money by using other methods of heating such as: underfloor heating or radiators in rooms where they are needed most and lowering the thermostat at night when no one is home.

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