Air Source Heat Pumps

Edinburgh Gas Renewables Adjusting Apartment Heat on the Central System Valves

Heat your home, not the planet

Incorporating heat pump technology into your home is one of the most economical, effective, and environmentally friendly ways to cover your heating and hot water needs.

As the main source of heat generation comes from the environment itself, the amount of energy required to generate the necessary heating for your home is vastly reduced compared to other methods.

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Why an air source heat pump?

There are a number of benefits to be gained from installing an Air Source Heat Pump.

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air to heat your home. They can work in temperatures as low as -15 and produce flow temps of 75 degrees to your radiators and hot water cylinder.

  1. Vaillant Air Source heat pumps by Edinburgh Gas Renewables

    Types Of Heat Pumps

    There are multiple types of heat pumps that can be used and the best one will likely depend on your home location and the surrounding environment.

    Heat pumps can use air, ground or water sources to generate hot water and heating for your home.

  2. Edinburgh Gas Renewables Adjusting Apartment Heat on the Central System Valves


    Air source heat pump (ASHP) look like air-conditioning units. They are less disruptive to install than ground source heat pumps, as they do not require any digging in your garden. They are also cheaper than ground source heat pumps. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) estimates that the cost of installing a typical ASHP system ranges between £9,000 and £11,000.

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    Running Costs

    The payback period (the time taken to recoup the cost of the system in energy savings) depends on how efficiently your system works, the type of heating system you are replacing it with, whether you can get money with the RHI and how you’ll be using the heat generated by the pump.

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