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Passionate About Service And The Planet

About Us

Who we are

We may be the new heating company on the block but we’re certainly not new to heating and sustainability. With over 25 combined years of gas engineering and energy efficiency experience, this family owned business is ready to take on the challenge of making as many homes as possible warmer.

About Edingburgh Gas Renewables
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What matters to us

Helping people to heat their homes more sustainably without compromising on comfort is at the very heart of what we do. Happy warm people that does not cost the earth = happy us.

There is no doubt we are in a climate emergency and we are striving to come up with more innovative and affordable heating solutions for real people that will reduce further damage to our planet.

What we do

Whether it’s upgrading to a new and more efficient gas boiler or an air source heat pump, solar panels you’re after, we will work with customers to come up with the best solution for you. Everyone should be able to make a difference to help fight climate change so we passionately believe this should be made as affordable and as painless as possible.

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How we do it

Treating customers as individuals and not just a potential source of revenue matters to us and no matter what your situation we can work with you to find a solution.

We believe in doing our bit and putting our money where our mouth is so we work with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home.

Expanding the team

If you’re an experienced gas engineer or electrician with a passion for delivering excellent customer service, get in touch about joining the team!

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