Gas Boiler Installation, Maintenance And Care in Edinburgh & The Lothians

Keeping You Warm And Safe

GAS BOILER installation

We can offer a full installation service of a gas-fired heating system. From the boiler all the way through to a full fledged central heating system.

And we can service or repair your current boiler if it's needing some care and attention

Air Source Heat Pumps

By absorbing heat from the outside air, an Air Source Heat Pump can transfer the heat from the air to your central heating system.

This could lower your fuel bills, especially if you replace conventional electric heating

Your local friendly service

Edinburgh Gas & Renewables offer a comprehensive range of heating services including gas boiler installation, central heating system maintenance and Air Source Heat Pump heating in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians.

We offer a friendly service with competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of work you'd expect.

MagnaClean by Edinburgh Gas Renewables

Keeping the flow clean...

...with essential maintenance

Magnetic filters are designed to remove up to 98% of iron particles and rust from the water in your central heating system before it enters the hot water tank or gas fired boiler.

This can save homeowners time and money in repairs by preventing pipes from corroding over time.