Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Water Heating

Solar thermal systems use solar panels to absorb heat from the sun which then heats water stored in a hot water cylinder. A conventional boiler and/or immersion can be used to top up the water in low sunlight conditions.

At Edinburgh Gas and Renewables, our preferred supplier is Worcester Bosch. Please contact us for more information and we can arrange for one of our engineers to complete a no-obligation site survey.

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Installation costs

The cost of having a solar thermal system installed is likely to vary considerably between different properties. For example, the addition of solar panels to a home which already has a System or Regular type boiler rather than a Combi boiler is likely to be significantly cheaper.

Running Costs

The only small associated cost of running a solar thermal system will come from the pump which moves the glycol mix down from the panel or collector to your hot water cylinder. This pump however will only run when the temperature in the panel is 8'c higher than the hot water cylinder, reducing your electricity requirement.

Planning Permission

Unless your home is a listed building or is in a conservation area, planning permission is unlikely to be required. However, it is always recommended to check with your local planning office.

south facing houses only?

It is always best to fit your solar panels on a south-facing roof surface, however, if your property has a suitable roof surface which faces towards the east and west then you may be able to still benefit from a thermal solar system. Our qualified engineers will be able to advise you on a site visit.