Safety Guide

Safety Guide

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Safety First - Always.

A faulty boiler can have several knock-on effects. It can cost more to run, leave you without heat in the winter and, at worst, is dangerous. So how do you know which boiler issues are minor and which require more urgent action? Have a look at some of the most common boiler problems below please give us a call if you’ve any concerns at all.

My boiler is leaking water
You should never see water coming from your boiler. If you do, it might be a sign that an internal part has failed. While it’s not necessarily dangerous, you should switch off your boiler to prevent your electrics short-circuiting and to stop water damaging your home or belongings. Don’t try to fix a boiler leak yourself. Give us a call to take a look.

My boiler is making a lot of noise
Gurgling, banging or whistling sounds should probably be looked at. They’re likely to be caused by air or a build-up of material inside your central heating. It’s not a dangerous situation but if left unattended, a build-up could lead to a boiler breakdown and expensive repairs.

My pilot light flame has changed colour
A pilot light turning orange or yellow could indicate poor combustion, which is very serious. Turn off your boiler immediately and contact the National Gas Emergency line on 0800 111 999.

You might also notice:A smell of gas when your

  • boiler is running
  • Scorching or brown/black marks on the boiler
  • A musty smell or signs of soot
  • More condensation than normal on your windows

If you suspect carbon monoxide or a gas leak you should immediately switch off your gas supply at the meter, open your doors and windows to let air into your home, and leave the house. Stay outside and don’t use electrical switches or naked flames until the experts have given it the OK.

My pilot light keeps going out
If this happens frequently, especially if it’s combined with any of the signs above, your boiler should be checked over without delay.

My boiler keeps turning itself off
Low pressure, a thermostat issue, or maybe lack of water in the system could cause your boiler to switch itself off. If you can’t identify the source of the problem, a Gas Safe engineer will. As with all boiler faults, it’s better to nip it in the bud.