Solar Regulations to Know In Scotland

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Are you looking to upgrade your home’s water heating system and want to ensure that your new system is cost-efficient and reliable? Solar thermal water heating systems are becoming more popular than ever among homeowners looking for eco-friendly and budget-friendly heating options. This is partly due to some generous grants that helped homeowners and businesses pay to install solar panels.

Those original savings schemes are no longer available, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider going with solar thermal energy, as there are still several benefits that you could be missing out on. Let’s take a look at some of the important solar regulations to know in Scotland and some of the reasons why solar is still an excellent option for homeowners in 2021.

Net Zero By 2045

Scotland is aiming to have net-zero emissions by 2045. As a part of this plan, they aim to have 50% of their energy in renewable energy, including solar power.

Various initiatives have been put in place to focus on increasing the use of renewable energy and decreasing reliance on other forms of energy consumption. By utilising wind, solar, and geothermal energy solutions, the country will significantly reduce its carbon emissions.

As the government pushes to meet its energy goals, you can expect to see renewable energy systems becoming more commonplace. As a result, the cost of these systems is getting more affordable for everyone.

While the focus for this initiative isn’t solely on solar energy, it does play a big part in the government’s plans to reduce carbon emissions. And solar energy is one type that homeowners can use every day to help reduce emissions and lower energy costs.

What It Means For Homeowners

How do the current renewable energy regulations affect homeowners? At the very least, as the government switches to more energy-efficient renewables, energy costs should go down for everyone.

If you’d rather take control of your energy savings now, it could be a great time to invest in solar energy for your home. The use of domestic solar panels has been on the rise as more consumers look for ways to help the planet and enjoy lower energy costs.

Because solar thermal panels don’t typically require planning permission, homeowners can choose energy efficiency now. And if you already have a thermal system or regular type boiler in place, the addition of solar panels is a reasonably straightforward process.

Funds For Renewable Energy

While government regulations and schemes for renewable energy change often, you might be able to receive payments from the government as an incentive for using renewable energy systems.

One such scheme is the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This scheme offers quarterly payments to homeowners who have installed certain renewable energy systems, including solar thermal panels.

It’s important to note that these types of programs may end or change with little notice, so you may want to purchase your system while they’re in place to maximise your potential for savings.

Can Solar Save You Money In Scotland?

Just because the government is determined to switch to renewable energy sources, does this mean that you can use this technology to save on your energy costs? After all, Scotland probably isn’t the first place you’d think of when considering solar energy.

Surprisingly, the savings can add up. Not only can you reduce the cost of heating the water in your home, but you may be eligible for savings under schemes like (RHI).

Solar thermal panels are most efficient when placed on a south-facing roof, but you still have options if your roof doesn’t face south. They can be mounted on southwest-facing roofs or even on brackets that lift the panels from the roof and point them southward to optimise the sun’s heat.

Additionally, solar thermal heating is low maintenance and durable, so your long-term costs are lower. And since it works with your existing boiler or heating system, it’s not as expensive to install as you might think.

Beyond Solar Thermal Water Heating

Of course, solar thermal water heating isn’t the only energy-efficient way to upgrade your home. Air source heat pumps are another great way to take advantage of natural energy to meet your heating and hot water needs.

Even small changes such as installing smart heating controls can help you reduce your energy costs and lower energy waste, further reducing your family’s carbon footprint.

Let Us Help You Go Solar

At Edinburgh Gas & Renewables, we know that renewable energy isn’t just a trend. It’s the way of the future, and it’s available to homeowners right now. So if utilising a cleaner, greener energy method is something you’d like to consider, contact us to see how we can help you make your home more energy-efficient and save you money in the process.

Whether you’re looking to update your home’s heating and hot water system, or you want to do your part to help the country reach its goal, we can help find the best solutions for you.

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