Solar and Other Renewable Energy Trends for Homeowners in 2021

Wind Farm

If you are a homeowner, you use energy, and it can be expensive. Looking for ways to cut costs and save money is a priority for many of us in 2021.

Energy is available in many forms, but we tend to use one or two readily available energy sources. We have learned that non-renewable energy sources lead to accelerated climate change, and some of the poorest people in the world are suffering from climate change and increased carbon dioxide emissions the worst.

We all need energy for heat, air conditioning, appliances, technology, medical equipment, and more. Negatively impacting the climate is not the answer to our comfort, however, so renewable solutions are more important now than ever.

Let’s explore some of the renewable energy trends in 2021 that are allowing more and more people to be a part of the solution to climate change together.

What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is one of the most cost-effective ways to fight climate change. Our generation and the generations to follow have a responsibility to help clean the air we breathe, and there are more energy-efficient ways to reach that goal than ever before.

Our world has many agencies working together to develop innovative and energy-efficient, clean alternatives. The focus is on renewable energy, energy sources that naturally replenish themselves. A familiar example is wind. By utilising wind for energy, there is no negative impact on the environment.

Renewable energy is an efficient way to save money, save power, and positively impact the environment. Not only is it important to do our part to stop climate change, but we also need to make changes to repair the damage already done. Utilising renewable energy, we can help the environment, improve our lives and improve the lives of future generations.

What Is Solar Energy?

The prevalence of solar panels is increasing more and more in 2021. Large patches of land are transitioning to solar farms to maximise the availability of this renewable source of energy.

Solar panels capture sunlight through photovoltaic systems. The storage of this energy allows for power even when the sun is not out. Dark days are no problem due to power from the sun storage. Battery banks store solar energy for use at another moment in time. If you can store large amounts of energy, you may even be able to sell what you don’t use! Solar energy is ideal for people trying to live “off the grid,” allowing complete self-reliance in many circumstances.

Sunlight is available almost anywhere in the world, making solar energy almost universally available.

What Is Hydroelectric Energy?

The most familiar source of hydroelectric power is that of a water wheel for sawmills. Water wheels as a power source use the kinetic energy of the water and convert it to a source of power.

Hydroelectricity is a powerful source of renewable energy. It is very dependent on being located near a body of water. Other renewable energy sources make more sense when a water source is not available.

What Is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal energy uses heat from the ground and beneath the ground harnessing it and turning the heat into power. Since the earth is everywhere, as long as your home isn’t on a body of water, you can access geothermal energy.

What Is Wind Energy?

Windmills and wind turbines are a great source of renewable energy. As the wind moves the wind turbine blades with the breeze, it produces power. Wind turbines are available in different sizes and models. Often multiple wind turbines are seen together to capture as much energy as possible from every possible direction. Micro wind turbines are also very effective and efficient with minimal loss of power.

What Is Hydrogen Energy?

Hydrogen energy is produced by hydrogen fuel cells converting the chemical energy of hydrogen into electricity. Byproducts of hydrogen energy are water and heat.

What Does This All Mean for Homeowners?

Governments are providing incentives for homeowners and businesses to “go green.” These incentives may be tax benefits, rebate programs, and more. Not only do companies need to be leaders in reducing emissions, but homeowners as well. 2021 will lead to more and more innovations to promote universal changes to renewable energy. Traditional energy companies will need to diversify as it is becoming increasingly more apparent there is a better way.

2021 Leads Us To Renewable Energy

At Edinburgh Gas & Renewables, we take pride in helping people heat their homes more sustainably without compromising comfort. Happy, warm people who don’t cost the earth is our ultimate goal. We strive to provide more innovative and affordable heating solutions that reduce further damage to our planet.

Whether it’s upgrading to a new and more efficient gas boiler, an air source heat pump, smart heating controls, or solar panels you’re after, we offer a comprehensive range of heating solutions, including installation and maintenance of gas boilers in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians. Contact us today and find out how we can work together to create a better tomorrow.

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