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Annual services are recommended on all boilers.  On the visit, we will:

  • Check your boiler for corrosion and leaks
  • Clean parts as required
  • Remove your boiler casing to check its main components are working
  • Put the casing back on and make sure it’s properly sealed
  • Check the gas pressure to make sure it’s at the right level
  • Do a flue test to check that there are no unsafe emissions coming from your boiler

At the end of the visit, we will leave a checklist with you including all the relevant safety information for your boiler. 

We carry parts for XX types of boiler including domestic combi, conventional and system boilers.  Unfortunately, we are unable to carry out repairs to oil, electric or solid fuel boilers.

We will do our best to identify and fix your boiler on our first visit.  However, although we carry lot’s of parts, sometimes a part will be required that we do not carry and we may need to order these in and return to you as soon as we can to complete the repair.  We’ll always keep you up to date on how long we think it will take to fix your problem.

If we can’t fix your problem, our engineer will let you know straight away and tell you what your options are.

It depends (on the heating system and how it is used). Smart thermostats don’t directly save money the way switching energy supplier can. However, they provide the ability to heat homes more efficiently which might save money in the long run.

Users will receive reports about usage, which can help them better understand heating usage, and adjust their behaviour and preferences to save money.